But we need to end each chapter before we can start the next

There’s a moment in my life that I felt a part of me die; and though this sounds morbid it was actually a good thing — for this part was holding me back, it kept me in chains. The moment this part died, I felt free — I felt like myself for, probably, the very first time.

We are forever changing and growing so it makes sense that our old ideas, the way behaved, the way we walked and talked, the things we did — all of these things become a part of our past, a past that is buried…

And it can also be an experience that transforms your life

Have you ever felt heartbreak?

Where, no matter how much you don’t want to care, your heart feels like it’s being torn apart inside your chest?

Where every thought is hijacked by the very thing causing you this excruciating pain?

Perhaps for many this happens for someone they are romantically in love with. Perhaps your relationship has fallen apart, and your love for one another isn’t enough anymore.
This wasn’t the case for me. No, I felt heartbreak from a friendship taking a sour turn.

In February 2019, my relationship with my closest friend was torn to shreds.

There was…

Creativity is the common thread in humanity

Humans are a creative species.

Over centuries we have made so many wonderful things, from the Great Wall of China, to Romeo and Juliet, to the iPhone 12.

We have created, we have designed, we have drawn, we have written, we have crafted.

Throughout history we have had creators, artists, and it’s no different now — the rise of the creator economy is happening, we are just at the beginning: creators; writers, artists, designers, photographers, filmmakers — the world is already flooded with art, and it’s only going to expand.

But our perspective is still skewed. Creating is still viewed…

My experiences of reconnecting with natural spaces

City spaces are fun to explore; the culture hidden within different streets and shops, the history alive in the crumbling buildings and the cobbled paths.

And though I love the feeling of walking through a remnant of history, or finding restaurants with food from across the world, there’s nothing that makes me feel more alive than being outdoors in wide open spaces full of nature.

Just the other day I stood on a hill in the south of Bristol, UK, surrounded by fields of tall grass and trees. As I took a step forward I felt the Earth beneath my…

Why aren’t we our own ally instead?

Perhaps you haven’t heard of self-sabotage. If so, here’s what it is described as:

Behaviours or thought patterns that hold you back and prevent you from doing what you want to do.

In essence, self-sabotaging behaviours can create problems in your daily life and can interfere with long-term goals.

At the moment I am focusing a lot on my health and body.

I am trying to eat good, healthy foods and exercise so that I can lose weight and also tone my upper body.

But I have noticed that I often reach for…

Three ways to find mental clarity when your mind is hazy

Life isn’t easy.

Sometimes we go through periods where we feel as though we are surrounded by fog, a fog that sits in our mind, making the world around us seem overwhelming and making ourselves feel utterly confused.

Even though you may have been on a path of your own making, designing your life, this fog can seep in and obstruct your entire view, making you afraid to take a step forward for fear of taking the wrong step.

With the fog comes thoughts, almost like whispers in the…

But making money work for you is pretty damn sexy

For a long time in human history, financial wealth has been at the forefront of society. It still is.

In the capitalist societies that we live in, our finances dictate the way we live our lives.

Our time is spent and money gained — a trade off.

With that money we pay rent or a mortgage, we go on holidays, we buy new phones, new cars, new things. The more money we have the more we can buy.

Over our working life, the standard 9–5 career, we work 5 days…

They’re just a waste of your time

At the start of the year I spent £1000 on a new iPhone.

If I'm honest, it hurt.

It hurt to watch my bank account shrink by that amount.

It hurt to be spending what is a fairly substantial amount of money on a small device that sits in my palm or my pocket.

I had a sort of disconnection from the value, only because I was lucky enough to invest in Bitcoin before it soared and so the phone was actually purchased using the profits. …

An easy action that everyone can do

I could say that waking up at 4am is the best thing you could do.

Or doing a two hour workout and a one hour run.

Or only eating raw foods.

Or meditating.

And yes, these things are great, but the reality is that not everyone can do these things every day, nor do they perhaps want to.

Instead, I’m going to say something, that you may have guessed from the image already, that everyone one can do.

Drink Water

First thing you should do when you wake up

Drink a glass of water. Your body has been lying for however many…

It’s surprising how it feels

As I approached the vivarium I felt my body tense up.

There must have been about 30 glass and plastic boxes stacked atop each other, each containing a different breed.

My feet shuffled closer to the glass, my body titled forward and I peered in.

Scanning the boxes, my eyes flittered over the names of each of the breeds and caught glimpses inside the transparent walls.

My arms crossed my body and my hands held on to my shoulders, shielding myself.

I stood there for a while, until finally I began to focus on the…

Spencer Ellis

Here to question, learn and change.

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