But that doesn’t mean I’ll stop

Aaron Burden: Unsplash

A few months ago Medium announced changes to their Partner Program.
To now be a part of the program you must have

  • At least 100 followers
  • At least one published story
  • Live within specific geographical regions

Living in the United Kingdom, the geographical region requirement isn’t affected.

Having just published…

Remember these when tackling resolutions, goals and intentions

Tim Mossholder: Unsplash

2022 is upon us, and once again we are met with the likes of New Years Resolutions and becoming a new/better version of ourselves.

You may have a list of resolutions or goals to achieve this year, or you may have shunned the resolution fad entirely. …

A reflection of the last 365 days

Ryan Graybill: Unsplash

Many of us are glad to say goodbye to 2021, another year of uncertainty that turned our lives upside down as we tried to navigate a world of vaccines, masks and mass political turmoil.

But we can’t just ignore the 365 days that are about to conclude.
Among the confusion…

Books that helped me smile, grow and laugh

Tom Hermans: Unsplash

At that beginning of 2021 I set a goal to read 52 books.
I didn’t achieve this goal, but instead of reading a handful like years previous, I managed to read a total of 40 books.

Seeing as it’s the end of…

They didn’t win the lottery to get to where they are today

Waldemar Brandt: Unsplash

At the age of 18 anyone can head down to their local shop and buy a lottery ticket or scratch card.

All it takes is choosing five or six numbers for the chance of winning a “life-changing” amount of money, simple really.

Except, the likelihood of you choosing the correct…

Spencer Ellis

Here to question, learn and change.

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