What I learnt about time and cost

Andrik Langfield: Unsplash

It was time to wash and clean my car — I wanted nice photos so it would sell quickly online.

With a long list of things to do alongside this, I had a decision to make: clean the car myself or take it to a garage and pay them to…

Travel plans, costs, and what I’m taking with me

Jeshoots: Unsplash

Many of our travel plans for the last 18 months have been put on hold, countries closing their borders for most. …

But, statistically, it was my best month yet

In March I picked up my laptop, logged into Medium and began typing.
Before this I had an idea, a dream of sorts, to write — but thoughts of not being good enough, and a lack fo self-belief in my ability stopped me from doing so.
After that day, I…

But we need to end each chapter before we can start the next

Marek Piwnicki: Unsplash

There’s a moment in my life that I felt a part of me die; and though this sounds morbid it was actually a good thing — for this part was holding me back, it kept me in chains. …

And it can also be an experience that transforms your life

Thiago Barletta: Unsplash

Have you ever felt heartbreak?

Where, no matter how much you don’t want to care, your heart feels like it’s being torn apart inside your chest?

Where every thought is hijacked by the very thing causing you this excruciating pain?

Perhaps for many this happens for someone they are romantically…

Creativity is the common thread in humanity

Todd Quackenbush: Unsplash

Humans are a creative species.

Over centuries we have made so many wonderful things, from the Great Wall of China, to Romeo and Juliet, to the iPhone 12.

We have created, we have designed, we have drawn, we have written, we have crafted.

Throughout history we have had creators, artists…

My experiences of reconnecting with natural spaces

City spaces are fun to explore; the culture hidden within different streets and shops, the history alive in the crumbling buildings and the cobbled paths.

And though I love the feeling of walking through a remnant of history, or finding restaurants with food from across the world, there’s nothing that…

Why aren’t we our own ally instead?

Aaron Blanco Tejedor: Unsplash

Perhaps you haven’t heard of self-sabotage. If so, here’s what it is described as:

Behaviours or thought patterns that hold you back and prevent you from doing what you want to do.

In essence, self-sabotaging behaviours can create problems in your daily life…

Three ways to find mental clarity when your mind is hazy

Dimitar Donovski: Unsplash

Life isn’t easy.

Sometimes we go through periods where we feel as though we are surrounded by fog, a fog that sits in our mind, making the world around us seem overwhelming and making ourselves feel utterly confused.


But making money work for you is pretty damn sexy

Travis Essinger: Unsplash

For a long time in human history, financial wealth has been at the forefront of society. It still is.

In the capitalist societies that we live in, our finances dictate the way we live our lives.

Our time is spent…

Spencer Ellis

Here to question, learn and change.

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